Popcorn Texture Removal/Pittsboro Chatham County

Our skills are not limited to drywall repair and installation. We also have 35 years of  popcorn texture experience  spray or removal. Mike and his sons personally do your home. we services Pittsboro,Chatham county area. We have a fast, professional and simple process to rid your home of unwanted popcorn ceilings.

Our 8 Step Texture Removal Process

  • Asbestos Testing

In older homes, asbestos can be a very serious problem, especially for smaller children or the elderly. If your home was constructed before 1978, it is always wise to test the popcorn texture for asbestos before any ceiling surface is disturbed.Contact  CEI Labs Cary NC

  • Electrial Check

Before any popcorn texture removal work is done, all surrounding electrical circuits will be checked and turned off.

  • Floor and Furniture Covered

Any and all surfaces directly below the work area will be covered and protected by plastic sheeting or drop cloths. This helps to protect your personal items and makes for an easier clean up.

  • Ceiling Hydration

The ceiling will be prepped with a hydrating solution. This helps by cutting down on free airborne drywall dust and loosening the textured surface.

  • Texture Removal

Our team of popcorn texture removal professionals begin the texture removal process.

  • Float Joints

The texture removal process can sometimes expose flaws in the drywall itself. If this occurs with your home, we will re-skim / float a layer of drywall mud on the ceiling to insure a proper, smooth finish.

  • Sanding

Your ceiling will be sanded to a smooth finish. You will be left with a ready to paint surface.

  • Clean Up

The job isn’t complete until your home has been returned to the state it was in before we arrived. Proper clean up is the hallmark of a true professional. We approach every job, whether drywall or popcorn texture removal, the same as we would in our own home

Service Pittsboro, Chatham County NC.