Drywall Repair FAQ’s

With over 30 years in the drywall repair business, I get asked lots of questions. Below are a few of the most commonly asked questions about drywall.nn
It is important to note that your home settling over time can also cause some of these issues. Besides settlement of your home, here are your answers.
I Have Had Drywall Cracks Repaired Several Times and They Keep Coming Back. Is This Because of Poor Workmanship?

Absolutely! When a customer calls me and they tell me these problems, red flags go off. The basic tape, float, skim of joint compound is not a long term solution. These types of repairs need more attention.

I See Drywall Cracks Above My Doors and Windows. Why?

Because when someone hung your drywall, they broke the end of board on a double stud and did not use enough screws.

Why Are There Nail Pops Showing Through The Primer and Paint In My Home?

When some drywall contractors install your drywall, they will use drywall nails to tack the perimeter of the drywall. This is done only to get the weight of the drywall off of them. When the drywall hammer hits the gypsum it will crumble it, causing an air pocket between the paper.

Why Do The Outside Corners of My Drywall Have Cracks?

Because they used clincher, with a rubber mallet to install corner bead or didnt use enough screws.