Benefits of Using Drywall

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What are the benefits of drywall?

Most people are used to seeing drywall. The material is used in almost every modern construction project and is one of the most common building materials on the planet. But why? What are the benefits of using drywall? Below are a few of the top benefits of using drywall (sheetrock) instead of other alternatives.

1) Appearance – Before drywall, most homes and building relied on plaster walls. Plaster was a time consuming process, that was often hard to perfect. Then came drywall, which made wall construction in buildings and homes much easier. Not only was the process quicker, but the walls and ceilings were much more attractive. The possibilities of good drywall installation were endless and it soon became a highly desired part of any home. Most will agree that properly installed drywall is simply beautiful. Homes that install drywall in place of other materials can also see an increase in the value of their home, because of it.

2) Energy Efficiency- Although there have been other types of materials used for walls in the past, nothing comes close the the energy efficiency of drywall. Drywall helps improve insulation and helps to retain room temperature much better than any alternatives, such as paneling.

3) Fire Resistance – Not only is using drywall better for your energy bills, but is much more fire resistant than other alternatives. This means that fire will not generally spread as quick and can better contain fires, which could save your home. More importantly, it could save your life.

4) Cost and Up Keep – Although drywall is by far the most attractive choice for your home, it is also one of the most cost efficient choices. Drywall is affordable for anyone, looking to beautify their home or office. Changing the look of a room is as simple as painting the walls. With other materials, entire sections may need to be replaced, if not the entire walls. Drywall repair is also readily available with companies like ours, and can sometimes even be done yourself. Drywall repair techniques can quickly remedy damage to walls, without having to replace entire sections. So both installation and upkeep of your walls are easy on your wallet, when using drywall.

These are just a few of the benefits, found when using drywall for your home. They are certainly not the only ones. Feel free to contact us, if you would like to learn more about these benefits or what your advantages may me. You can also learn more by reading our drywall faq’s.